How to control your smart lights with Google Home

How to control your smart lights with Google Home

One of the benefits of smart home technology is the ability to connect it with smart speakers such as the Google Nest or Amazon Alexa, and control it with your voice.

With Google, it's as simple as saying "Hey Google, turn the lights on". Here's how to set it up.

What you need

Step 1: Check compatibility

Make sure that your smart lights are compatible with Google Home. You should be able to find a "Works with Hey Google" or "Works with Google Assistant" badge on your product packaging. 

Works with Hey Google': A tonal shift for the Assistant brand - 9to5Google

Note: There are some smart lights which are "Made for Google" which are able to directly connect to the Google Home app without the manufacturer's app. However, these are less common. If you have these, you can follow instructions here.

Step 2: Connect smart lights to bulb maker's app

Follow your bulb maker's instructions to connect your smart lights with their app.

Step 3: Link manufacturer's app with Google Home app 

Open the Google Home app. Click "+" on the menu of the Google Home app home page, then click "Set up device". Select "Works with Google".

Find your manufacturer's smart home app in the list (e.g. Smart Life) and login if prompted.

Step 4: Assign smart light to a room

This allows you to control your devices more easily. To do this, open the Google Home app. Touch and hold the device's tile > Settings > Room > choose a room > Save.

Step 5: Control your smart lights with Google Home

You can now control the Kosen Smart Bulb through Google Home! If you added your smart light to a specific room (e.g. your bedroom), you can use voice commands such as:

Turn the lights on and off

  • "Hey Google, turn on/off the bedroom light"

Set brightness

  • "Hey Google, set the bedroom light to 50%"
  • "Hey Google, brighten the bedroom light"
  • "Hey Google, dim the bedroom light"

Change colour or temperature

  • "Hey Google, set the bedroom light to red"
  • "Hey Google, set the bedroom light to bright white"
  • "Hey Google, set the bedroom light to candlelight"

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