How to improve your sleep with smart lighting

How to improve your sleep with smart lighting

Are you someone who feels tired during the day, but alert and awake when you're laying in bed trying to sleep? If so, it sounds like your circadian rhythm is out of sync. Smart lighting might be able to fix this.

What are circadian rhythms? 

Circadian rhythms are natural, internal processes that regulates our sleep cycles and repeats roughly every 24 hours. They affect your sleep patterns as well as your hormones, body temperature, memory, physical performance and eating habits. A circadian rhythm regulates your sleep-wake cycle and makes you sleepy when it is night-time. When they get out of sync, your sleep cycle 

How does light impact your circadian rhythm? 

Many studies have shown that our circadian rhythms are affected by lighting. Light suppresses the body's natural production of melatonin, a hormone which tells us when we should sleep. However, in today's modern world, we're exposed to many sources of artificial lighting at night, such as smartphones or computers, and we often do not spend enough time outdoors during the day.  

The temperature of the light sources that you're exposed to also affects melatonin production. There are different types of white lights, ranging from the lower-temperature warm yellow glow similar to the candle, to the higher-temperature bright blue-white light like the sun at noon. The higher the temperature, the more melatonin is suppressed

Colour temperature

How can you improve your sleep with Kosen Smart Lights?

Adjust the temperature and brightness of your lighting

With LED smart lights, like our Kosen Smart Bulb, you can adjust the temperature and brightness of the white light. Set a brighter cool white in the morning and during the day to mimic the sun. In the evening, switch to a dimmer warmer white. 

Screenshot of Smart Life app to adjust colour temperature

Set automated schedules

Set schedules to automatically adjust the brightness and temperature of your lighting over the course of the day. 

Use Google's "Gentle Sleep and Wake" feature

If you have connected your smart lights to your Google Home, then you can enable the Gentle Sleep or Wake feature. Gentle Sleep sets your lights to a warm white colour and then slowly dims them over 30 minutes. Gentle Wake Up brightens your lights over 30 minutes. For example, if you say "Hey Google" and then "Turn on Gentle Wake Up", then it syncs Gentle Wake Up to an alarm that you have set on your Google Nest. More information can be found here

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