Top 5 things to do with smart lights

Top 5 things to do with smart lights

Smart lights are a bright idea for the smart home. The benefits of smart lighting go beyond convenience; you can use them to create unique moods and ambiences that enhance your lifestyle at home in ways you never thought possible. Here are some cool things you can do with smart lights

1. Create the perfect ambience with the right colour of light

The best colour for a room depends on the type of room and what you want to achieve with it. For example, if your office space is all about productivity, then you’ll want cool white or daylight-balanced bulbs that can boost concentration and focus.

If your bedroom is designed for relaxation at night, consider using warmer shades like amber or red to help induce sleepiness. You can also change from one colour shade to another throughout the day, such as switching from blue light first thing in the morning to amber after lunchtime (when most people start feeling drowsy).

What if you have more than one purpose for a single room? If so, consider investing in multi-colour smart lights (such as the Kosen Smart Bulb) so that each fixture has its own set of settings—then install several lamps throughout your home so they can act as mood lighting when needed!

2. Set the mood for movies and TV

There are many things you can do with your smart lights to make your home feel more like the cinema. When you’re in the mood for some movie or TV show binging, try these tips:

  • Dim the lights: Generally speaking, dimming the lights makes everything look more dramatic. You can do this by using voice commands (if your smart light system is integrated with Google Home or Amazon Alexa) or by setting up automated schedules in your smart lighting app.
  • Turn off all other lights: If you have more than one light bulb in the room where you want to watch TV, they may be distracting because they’ll be brighter than what’s on screen—particularly if they’re close to where people will be sitting or standing. It might seem like removing all of your bulbs would make things too dark, but studies have shown that people will adapt their eyesight over time so that it doesn’t hurt at first glance if there aren't any other sources of illumination nearby; plus, it'll save electricity!
  • Set up a custom routine: With Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can setup custom routines to trigger multiple actions when you're about to watch a movie (such as dimming all the lights, turning off select lights and perhaps turning on the TV backlights)

3. Wake you up slowly in the morning

You can schedule your lights to turn on at sunrise so you don't wake up groggy and tired. Find out more about how smart lighting can improve your sleep.

4. Turn on your lights when you approach your house at night

If you have a smart lights, you can have them turn on automatically when you approach your house. This is pretty much the same thing as setting up motion sensors for your front door and windows, except that it doesn't use any actual motion detection. Instead, it uses location-based services to track where you are on a map of where the house is located (assuming your phone has access to location services). If your light bulb maker's app supports this, then you should be able to set up this automation to activate when you leave your house.

5. Alert you if you leave the house without turning off the lights

You can also use location services to alert your phone when your house lights are still on. Using your light bulb maker's app, you can have it alert you when you're outside a specified radius, and even have it automatically turn off the lights!

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