Google Nest Audio Highlights


Meet Nest Audio. Hear music the way it should sound, with crisp vocals and powerful bass that fill the room. Just say, “Hey Google” to play your favourite songs from the streaming services you use most or get help.1 And create a home audio system with your other Nest  speakers, just like that. Listen in stereo sound or all around the house.2  Or say, “Hey Google, move my music to the bedroom speaker,” and it  follows you.2 Nest Audio is designed to fit right into your home. And it looks as amazing as it sounds.

Key Features

  • It’s all about sound: Hear music the way it should sound. With Nest Audio’s woofer, tweeter, and tuning software, crisp vocals and powerful bass fill your room. Nest Audio is 75% louder than the original Google Home, with 50% stronger bass.
  • Hear things clearly: Nest Audio adapts to your environment and whatever you’re listening to, so music sounds better. And news, podcasts, and audiobooks sound even clearer.
  • Stream your favourites from your favourites: Just say, “Hey Google” to stream songs, playlists, podcasts, or audiobooks from the streaming services you use most, including YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM. Ask Google to play,  pause, change tracks, and adjust the volume.
  • Get help from Google: Ask Google about the weather, news, or almost anything. With Voice Match, you can hear personalized info, like your schedule.1 You can  make calls and set timers and alarms. All hands-free.  
  • Control your smart devices with your voice: Turn on the lights, turn up the heat, and more. Nest Audio works with  hundreds of compatible smart devices, like TVs, lights, thermostats, and  locks, from brands you love. And they’re easy to set up right in the Google Home app. 
  • Designed to protect your privacy: Nest Audio comes with privacy built in. You can delete your Assistant history by saying, “Hey Google, delete what I just said.” Or to turn off the mic, just use the switch on the back.
  • Easily create a home audio system: Nest Audio works with your other Nest speakers, Nest displays, and Chromecast-enabled devices, so you can listen to music throughout your home. Pair two Nest Audio speakers for stereo sound. And create speaker groups and listen everywhere – even add a speaker on the fly.
  • Control it all with your voice: It’s easy to control your music and media. Just use your voice, the Google Home app, or your Nest displays. And you can set up speaker groups and stereo sound in the Google Home app.
  • Connect with family and friends: Nest Audio helps you stay in touch. Just say, “Hey Google” to broadcast messages on every Nest speaker and display in the house. Use your Nest speakers as an intercom and chat from room to room. And make audio calls with Duo.
  • Make it family-friendly: Downtime helps your family disconnect from technology during dinner, bedtime, or special moments. With family-friendly filters, you can block access to music with explicit lyrics and control video services.
  • Thoughtfully designed for your home: Nest Audio is inspired by home. The colours, fabric, shape, and size are designed to fit in beautifully.
  • Environmentally sound: Nest Audio is designed for sustainability. The enclosure is made from 70% recycled plastic.