Kosen Smart Curtains Installation

Welcome to Kosen. We're in the business of making homes a little smarter, a little more comfortable, and a whole lot more intuitive.

Smart curtains. They're not just about aesthetics or privacy, they're about providing a new level of convenience in your day-to-day life.

Our technicians help you install smart curtains and blinds without breaking the bank. Prices start from $199.

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  • Automated Convenience

    Smart curtains open a world of comfort right at your fingertips. Schedule them, sync with sunrise, or control on-demand. Make your mornings magical and your evenings serene. It's more than curtains; it's your day, automated.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Smart curtains are the stylish secret to a sustainable home. Optimise natural light, reduce heat gain, and save on energy bills. It's the 'green' choice that looks good, feels good, and does good.

  • Privacy with a Touch

    Privacy has never been more seamless. Smart curtains deliver your desired level of seclusion instantly. Shield from prying eyes, or let the world in - the power is in your hands, or rather, your app. Secure your space with smart sophistication.

  • Evaluate Your Smart Curtain Requirements

    Experience a personalised approach to smart curtain integration with our comprehensive design, evaluation, and recommendations process, all starting with a free, no-obligation consultation tailored to your unique home and lifestyle needs.

  • Install Smart Curtains

    Experience seamless installation of smart curtains by our skilled technicians, ensuring perfect fit and effortless integration with your existing smart home ecosystem for optimised comfort and convenience.

  • Connect Smart Curtains to Wi-Fi and Apps

    Experience effortless control with our service that connects your smart curtains to Wi-Fi and synchronises them with your preferred apps, enabling easy adjustments and automations right from your smartphone.

  • Create Automations

    Unlock the true power of your smart home with our service that creates customised automations for your smart curtains, enabling them to adapt perfectly to your daily routines and lifestyle preferences.

  • Demonstrate Functionality

    Gain confidence in controlling your smart curtains as our team provides a comprehensive demonstration of their functionality, walking you through the various settings, controls, and automations tailored to your needs.

  • Aftercare Technical Support

    Rest assured with our aftercare technical support, providing you with reliable assistance and guidance for your smart curtains, ensuring they continue to function seamlessly and adapt to your evolving needs.

  • SwitchBot

    SwitchBot are an award-winning smart home company with convenient smart curtain solutions to upgrade your curtains to smart curtains without the hassle of completely replacing the track.

  • Quoya

    Quoya offers a variety of smart electric curtain tracks of differing lengths. The Quoya Smart Curtains System has many functions and works with the Smart Life ecosystem.

  • Lutron

    Known for their high-quality home automation solutions, Lutron offers a range of smart curtain models that blend seamlessly with any home decor. Their products offer precision control, quiet motor operation, and work excellently with various smart home systems.

  • Graywind

    Graywind marries quality, technology, and art in custom smart curtains. Innovating for a seamless smart living experience, it combines elegance, freedom, and style, enhancing your home's unique character.

  • Yoolax

    Yoolax provides innovative smart curtain solutions, specialising in customisation and user-friendly operation. By combining advanced technology with stylish design, Yoolax transforms living spaces, focusing on customer convenience and smart home integration.

  • Somfy

    Somfy, with 50+ years' experience, provides efficient, sustainable smart curtain solutions, transforming homes globally. Innovating with 2,000+ patents, their French-designed products enhance lives while minimising carbon footprints.

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Kosen Smart Curtain FAQs

1. What exactly are smart curtains? Smart curtains are essentially regular curtains but with a tech upgrade. They can remotely controlled with your voice or an app to open and close, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. They can even be programmed to open and close at certain times of the day, such as sunrise and sunset.

2. How do I control smart curtains? They can be controlled with a remote, through a smartphone app, or with voice commands if you have a smart home hub such as a Google Nest or Amazon Alexa Echo. They can also be set up to respond to different conditions such as light levels or time.

3. Can I have smart curtains on any window? Yes, we can install smart curtains on nearly any type of window. We'll assess your windows during our initial consultation to make sure we can provide the best solution for your home.

4. Are smart curtains energy-efficient? Yes, they can be. By adjusting to conditions like light and temperature, smart curtains can help regulate your home's indoor climate, potentially saving energy.

5. Do I need a full smart home system for smart curtains? Not at all. While smart curtains can integrate well with a smart home system, they can also be set up to function on their own.

6. How much does it cost to setup smart curtains? Our prices start at $199, not including the cost of the technology. This will differ depending on the how sophisticated the chosen smart curtain system is. We recommend contacting us for a consultation, so we can give you a clearer of how smart curtains will work for you.