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Enabot EBO SE - Interactive Pet & Family Companion

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EBO SE is a smart robot companion that lets you stay connected with your loved ones at home, whether they are human or furry.

With EBO SE, you can control the robot from anywhere in the world using your phone, and enjoy video chat, voice communication, and interactive games with your family and pets.

EBO SE also acts as a home security robot that monitors your house 24/7 and alerts you of any suspicious activities.

EBO SE has a 1080p HD camera with night vision, powerful speakers and microphone, motorized wheels, and automatic recharge function.

EBO SE is designed for companionship, protection, and durability. It is the perfect smart companion for modern families who want to keep in touch with their home.

Order yours today and enjoy the brand-new EBO experience!


  • Smart robot companion that lets you interact with your family and pets anytime, anywhere
  • 1080p HD camera with night vision, powerful speakers and microphone, and motorized wheels
  • Home security robot that monitors your house 24/7 and alerts you of any suspicious activities
  • Automatic recharge function and multi-user account login
  • Designed for companionship, protection, and durability

Product Specifications

Weight: 285 grams
Size: 9.6*9.6*8.9 CM
Battery: 2500mAh, 3.7V
Wireless: WiFi 2.4G/ 5.2G
CPU: ARM A7@800MHz
TPU: 0
Speed: 0.6M/S
Camera: 1080p@30fps 1920*1080
Storage: 16GB MicroSD card (256GB in Max)
Real-time transmission: 480p@30fps
IMU: 6 axis IMU
TOF: 50mm-1500mm
Infra-red sensor: 5 pcs
CMOS: 1080p@30fps 1920*1080
Brushless motor: 0
Charge: Auto charging
Charging stand: 5V @ 2A max

Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones Remotely

With EBO's crawler movement chassis and flexible rotation, you can play hide and seek with your child even when you're not physically present. The remote control feature lets you move EBO back and forth, left and right, giving you the freedom to interact with your loved ones at any time. You can even track their location with ease, thanks to its intuitive interface.

Crystal-Clear Video and Audio Quality

EBO SE comes with a 1080p HD camera, allowing you to have high-quality video chats with your family or pets. You can take high-definition photos and videos with ease, and share them instantly after one-click editing. Its two-way voice mode ensures that communication is as smooth as a phone call.

Additionally, the one-way video feature enables you to see your family up close.

24/7 Home Security Monitoring

EBO SE ensures your family's safety with its fixed-point security feature, which monitors the visible range of the charging pile. You can set up 24-hour fixed-point recording to protect your home and loved ones. The external SD card support allows for easy video review, with data stored on a rolling basis. The new content will overwrite the previous one, eliminating the need for manual clean-up.

Manage EBO with the EBO App

The EBO app is a free download application designed for companionship, allowing you to control your EBO with ease. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to record videos, have instant voice chats, and set up agenda reminders. The video editor feature lets you edit your videos effortlessly, and you can share them with your loved ones in seconds.